Digital Certificate Program in Intellectual Property

A Series of Online Modules on IP Best Practices

This is a new program! The Georgia State University J. Mack Robinson College of Business and Executive IP, Inc. are proud to announce the launch of a series of online module programs focusing on best practices in intellectual property (IP). The world is changing fast and IP has emerged as more than just a worldwide business tool. IP risks and opportunities are appearing everywhere — in all aspects of business strategy and business innovation.

To be in business today, leaders at all levels need to speak the language of IP. We need a basic understanding of patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and many other important forms of intellectual property. This online program provides you with different options—you can complete just some of the learning modules or complete all of the modules to earn a GSU Robinson College of Business Certificate in Intellectual Property.

Key Topics

This Program Contains:

  • A Web-based system to track your progress
  • Short online modules that quickly present only what you need to know about IP
  • High-quality video and audio production with engaging multimedia features
  • Presenters with both the technical expertise and high energy to keep your interest
  • Certificates of Completion for all participants
  • Option of earning a GSU Robinson Certificate in Intellectual Property if you complete all modules

Who Should Consider Enrolling in This IP Program?

  • In-house IP attorneys
  • HR professionals conducting global employee training
  • Corporate, business, engineering and technical professionals
  • Sales and marketing professionals
  • Research and development professionals
  • Independent inventors and entrepreneurs
  • Non-IP lawyers
  • Students and faculty

The Robinson Certificate in IP Encompasses 27 Online Modules

  • Patents — 11 modules
  • Trademarks — 4 modules
  • Trade Secrets and Business Relationships — 7 modules
  • Copyrights — 1 module
  • IP in Social Media — 4 modules
  • Optional: Marking of Technical Data Under US Government Contracts — 4 modules

Program Lead Instructor

Tom Colson, Esq, and his training team bring years of experience in engaging and motivating audiences all over the world. Tom is an experienced intellectual property lawyer (in-house counsel and litigation counsel), an inventor (five U.S. patents and a children’s book series), and a business leader (founder and CEO of Executive IP, Inc., and founder and former CEO of Tom’s expertise focuses on both the business and technical aspects of intellectual property.

GSU Faculty Advisers

Perry Z. Binder, J.D., Clinical Associate Professor of Legal Studies, Georgia State University, J. Mack Robinson College of Business.

John P. Thielman, J.D., Associate Director of the Center for Economic Analysis of Risk, Georgia State University, J. Mack Robinson College of Business.

What's special about this program?

The Certificate Program in Intellectual Property is a self-paced online program that is a unique collaboration between the Georgia State University J. Mack Robinson College of Business and Executive IP, Inc. You can complete just some of the modules in an area of interest and receive a certificate of completion, or you can complete all 27 module areas and earn the university's Certificate in Intellectual Property.

The Robinson Online Certificate in Intellectual Property (27 Modules)

Module 1:
What is a patent?
Module 2:
What is patent infringement?
Module 3:
How can you have a patent and still not be able to make your patented product?
Module 4:
What is a patent fence and why should you be concerned about it?
Module 5:
What are patent trolls and why should they scare you to death?
Module 6:
Trade Secrets and Confidentiality
Module 7:
Publishing and Defensive Publications
Module 8:
What is Prior Art and why is Prior Art important to my business?
Module 9:
Patent Assignment and Licensing
Module 10:
Business relationships and their impact on IP ownership
Module 11:
What is a Trademark?
Module 12:
What is Inherent Distinctiveness of a Trademark?
Module 13:
What is Actual Distinctiveness of a Trademark?
Module 14:
What is Trademark Infringement?
Module 15:
Some contract basics you need to know
Module 16:
What is a Copyright?
Module 17:
What is a Design Patent?
Module 18:
Inventorship – What does it all mean?
Module 19:
Interacting with your Patent Department?
Module 20:
IP in Social Media
Module 21:
Social Media Risks
Module 22:
Social Media Risk Reduction
Module 23:
IP Risks with Social Media
Modules 24-27:
Trade Secrets

Optional Add-On

Modules 28-31:
Marking of Technical Data under U.S. Government Contracts


A Self-Paced Online Program, Complete at Your Convenience


Register for the GSU Robinson Digital Certificate Program in Intellectual Property, or to register for individual online courses/modules.

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Certificate Program in Intellectual Property

The cost to register for the Certificate Program in Intellectual Property is $490 per person, which requires you to complete all 27 modules.

Individual Online Courses and Modules

You also have the option to purchase individual online courses that contain several modules.

Special Note

Discounts are offered for companies and organizations who wish to purchase the certificate program or individual modules for a group of employees. Please call 404-413-7300 for information on group discount options.

Group Licensing and Special Pricing

We can customize this program for your company or industry, or offer large-volume special pricing.

To customize this program for your company or industry, large-volume special pricing information, or substantive questions about the modules, contact one of the following GSU faculty members:

Perry Z. Binder, J.D.
Assistant Professor of Legal Studies
Robinson College of Business (RMI)
Georgia State University

John P. Thielman, J.D.
Center for the Economic Analysis of Risk
Department of Risk Management & Insurance
Georgia State University

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